The thread that holds my world together.

I guess that is a feeling everyone who is not a teenager suffers from :), or suffered in the past. When it overwhelmes me, I have my threads, it’s like they hold time together. The stitches are the same, the crochet hook awaits patiently, it soothes me down, and I regain control on the running time. I cannot stop it, but the beauties the thread creates bring me a smile. And so I return to my crochet love, after all the transgressions, it’s there waiting faithfully for me to return, to make one more pair of crochet earrings, or to learn a new stitch.






We became DeLorai artisan jewelry

Yes, well, change, the only hing that happens for sure.

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Now we are growing The Naturals Collection of fiber jewelry crochet in beautiful unbleached cotton and antique brass..I just can-t get enough of this combination. They are all handcrochet by me, after my original design, every single loop, with beautiful brass decorativ el4ements or chains. Shop HERE ,International shippment in USA, Europe, Canada, Australia.


fiber jewelry

Fiber necklace

colier the naturals 2 032 DL copy

crochet earrings

the naturals - fans 023 DL copy

the naturals 034 DL

the naturals colier 3 067 DL

the naturals colier 3 021 DL




Handmade in Shabby chic meets Vintage

I like the different ages in fashion, styles, trends, they all tell a stroy of those years. Now I see this shabby chic trend, the need to relax, and the need to do that in the comfort of your house, comfy and full of light, off nature, with dear ones on your side.  Also, it appears the vintage style, never goes out of fashion, and here we have a tint drop of the 30’s, because why not ?! Enjoy!


9-05-2014 copy

– Linen hearts with BelaStitches , earrings with DouaMainiDibace, laundry day photo with ErinBphoto , lavander sachet with FloradoraInc


9-05-2014 b  copy


– Print with SweetPeonyPress , crochet red earrings by me , vintage red chair by littlecows  , vintage 30’s shoes by VeraVague

Walking the city

I guess I miss the city more than I thougt. I miss the anonimity ant the noise, the creativity and the originality, the little everyday surprises, and the smell it has in the spring. So, enjoy a galery of vintage and handmade finds, with the city in mind. Maybe it will inspire you to take a sunday walk and open your heart and mind to embrace the city, don’t forget the camera and the music, for me, today, the 80’s do the trick 🙂


walking the city


See it here on Etsy.





Handmade loves spring and spring loves flowers

Yes, the spring is coming, after  a weird, too cold or too warm winter. The spirits get restles, and the creations all turn into flowers. All artisans make at least a flower to celebrate spring, little birds in the sky and the comeback of the sun. What can I say, we are suckers for spring.


Treasured thanks to Uligo shop on Etsy, my cream round earrings, crochet with natural cotton, can be found here .I know they are not with flowers but we do have some flowers too, so don’t be shy, come and visit.


Treasured thanks to ShopDreamsofCrochet on Etsy. My pink spiral crochet earrings can be found in the shop.



Stunning red handmade – Get ready to gift for Valentine’s Day

If you are a man, and you have the goes without saing, you will buy her something pretty. If you are the girl, and you have the man, you’d better be prepared to be hot ! Any of you can’t miss it with red! Celebrate Valentine’s Day with love! Go for red! BethsEmbellisments

Give handmade in the season of giving

Yes, It’s coming, the month of December it’s almost here. And this year it appears like everyone is scared of it, even thow they are anxious and thrilled about it too ..I mean, we are gonna get presents :))

What I noticed new in my country, donating is gaining grownd…and buying localy and handmade. I hope this trends are here to stay :))

So I am getting my self busy, redoing my earrings stock, and enlarging my color palette. Hope you enjoy it!


handmade crochet earrignsCrochet handmade earrings